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- Master of Eng., Mechanical Eng., The University of Tokyo, 2018

Micro Energy System Laboratory -> LINK

-  Bachelor of Eng., Mechanical & Systems Eng., Okayama Univ., 2016
(Korea/Japan Joint Government Program)

Nontraditional Machining Laboratory -> LINK


- Professor Officer, Mechanical and Systems Eng., ROK NA (2021-)

ROK Naval Academy Faculty -> LINK

- Interpretation Officer, ROK3RDFLT, ROK Navy (2020-2021)

- Engineering Officer, DDH-979, ROK Navy (2020)

- UDT/SEAL Candidate, ROK Navy (2019)

- Research Engineer, JLK inspection (2018)

- The Global Leader Program for Social Design and Management/GSDM,
The University of Tokyo (2016-2018)



- Team, Research & Business Development Foundation, ROK NA (2021-)

- 45th President, Korean Student Association, The Univ. of Tokyo  (2017)


- Micro System

- Artificial Reality

- Additive Manufacturing


Honors & Awards

     - Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Award

    - Naval Education and Training Command Award

    - The Global Leader Program for Social Design and Management

- Kokusyou Award (Bachelor) -> Description

- Korea-Japan Joint Government Scholarship Program

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